Monday 6 January 2014

Bronze Charm Giveaway .....

We've got some gorgeous new bronze/brass colour charms in stock and one lucky reader can win the selection shown above - all you have to do is leave a comment and tell us which 5 other charms - either silver colour or bronze/brass colour that you would choose from our website to complete your prize - please mention this give away on your blog and link to our store

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This giveaway will close on Saturday 11th January and the winner will be picked at random - we will mail the prize anywhere in the world

Mary x


  1. I love all charms they one of my fave embellishments, if I had to pick 5 other charms they would be
    Butterfly Diamante Golden Colour, Snowflake charm bronze colour, Butterfly Large Silver Colour Charm, Bird cage with bird silver colour, Snowman Charm Large
    Your selection is just wonderful thanks for the chance hugs Nikki C

  2. lovely charms
    Quiet difficult to select just 5 :P

    1) Butterfly Diamante Golden Colour
    2)Peacock Charm Bronze
    3)Butterfly Large Silver Colour Charm
    4)Diamante Heart Charm
    5)Star Charm Diamante

  3. you have such a gorgeous collection of charms i have never seen before, i would choose,
    silver anchor,
    silver camera,
    silver ballerina
    diamante crown charm
    silver cowboy hat
    Thanks for giving us a chance to win such gorgeous prizes

  4. Such great charms! Love the feather ♥
    My top 5:
    1) Butterfly Large Silver Colour Charm
    2) Clock Face Charm
    3) Starfish Charm
    4) Flower Large Charm
    5) Floral Heart Silver Colour

  5. I´m also a really big charmslover, so this is really hard to just pick 5 among all these gorgeous charms here, but now I was just told here for christmas, that we´re having our first grandson, after we´ve only had granddaughters earlier. / of them between 7 and 19 years, so everything I have is girly girly, so now I´m on to pick some for a boy then for sure, so my choises are:
    1: Stork with Baby
    2: Football boots
    3: Soldier with bearskinshat
    4: Cowboy hat
    5: Guitar And all in silver
    Then we should be able to make him a nice card and welcome him here to this world I tthink ha ha ha. Thanks soooo much for the chance, I´m crossing my fingers here.

  6. This is great, wow.
    The 5 i picked are the bird cage, a snowflake, football boots ,Diamant charm, flower large Charm.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  7. What a fabulous idea for a give away! And so much fun to participate in... Who doesn't like a bit of window shopping? lol.
    I'd choose:
    1. Butterfly Diamante Golden Colour - I ordered one from you before but used it. Soooo lovely!
    2. Baby Buggy Charm
    3. Silver Colour Musical Note Charm
    4. Clock Face Charm
    5. Winged Heart Charm - I have a friend who does jousting, and this is is emblem. (real jousting with horses and lances and armour and such!) Would be awesome for a card for him!

    Thank you so much for the chance to win. I'll mention the giveaway in my blog post tomorrow! x

  8. What a beautyfull candy, love all those gorgeous charms. I would choose
    1. Bird cage with bird bronze colour
    2. Butterfly diamante golden colour (i recieved a card with this gorgeous butterfly and I love it)
    3. Football boot charm (great for the birthdaycard for my son)
    4. Ships wheel charm (love sailing cards)
    5. Butterfly charm.
    There are a lot of gorgeous charms in your shop, to choose was very difficult.
    Hugs Aartje

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  10. Fabulous giveaway. I'd just be so happy with any of your charms,. however I have picked 5. Love the new blog. Hugs Rita xxx
    1. The bronze birdcage
    2. Daisy in the garden
    3. Stork with the baby
    4. Clockface
    5. Ships wheel

  11. Thank You for the chance at this great giveaway! I would add to this collection;
    1. Birdcage w/heart bronze (cuz my hubby caught my heart years ago)
    2. Crown, plain silver (for my little niece who is most definitely a princess)
    3. Cupcake, silver (Oh, the sweet stories I could tell!)
    4. Daisy flower (don't see many of those since I moved out to the desert 17 yrs ago)
    5. Dummy, silver (my 7th grandchild is on her way)
    Have a fantastic day!
    Laura C.

  12. What a great giveaway, thanks for a chance.
    I would choose silver: Hot Air Balloon; Stork with Baby; Yacht Small; Strawberry and bronze Daisy-May with Bunch of Flowers
    best regards

  13. Wow!!! These bronze charms are gorgeous.
    I love buying my charms from The Ribbon Girl. So much to choose from with a super selection.
    If I were to choose my 5 charms to complete the fab prize they would have to be
    Diamante crown charm
    Small dragonfly charm
    Heart engraved style charm
    Starfish charm
    Daisy-May with bunch of flowers
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Crafty hugs, Donna x

  14. A great giveaway! Thank You for the chance! :)
    My pick:
    1. Coat Hanger Charm
    2. Key Heart Medium Charm
    3. Brass Button Charm
    4. Butterfly Diamante Golden Colour
    5. Scissors Charm

    Have an awesome day! :)

  15. All are beautiful charms.Thanks for the chance to win.
    My pick:
    1 Anchor silver
    2 Baby Pram silver
    3 Fairy Door
    4 Sewing machine
    5 Camper Van Red.
    Gr Elly

  16. beautiful charms... love all of them :)
    My pick:
    1.Daisy-May with Bunch of Flowers
    2.Christmas Snowflake 2 Charm
    3.Diamante Heart Charm
    4.Football Enamelled Charm
    5.Butterfly Diamante Golden Colour
    Moxie Craftie

  17. Lovin' the new charms! If I had to choose 5 others, they would be :
    1. Bronze Teapot - me and hubby love a good cuppa!
    2. & 3. Bronze trowel and Silver Strawberry - because I love growing fruit and veg - so satisfying!
    4. Silver musical note - my youngest loves to turn the music up and dance in the living room!
    5. Silver football boot - because my eldest always has a ball attached to his foot!
    Thanks for the chance to win and fingers crossed!
    Lisa x

  18. These new charms re lovely.
    My choice of 5 would be -
    1. The small silver butterfly
    2. The camper van blue charm (I love these vans)
    3. The diamante musical note charm
    4. The key small (very useful for 18th or 21st cards)
    5.The watering can with handle charm
    That was a very difficult choice. Thanks for the chance of winning.

  19. Gorgeous Charms.
    My 5 would be:
    1. Bird cage with bird silver charm
    2. Butterfly large silver charm
    3. Clock face charm
    4. Diamante Crown charm
    5. Diamante Heart side loop charm
    Thanks for the chance to win such beautiful charms.
    xx Phi

  20. What a fabulous giveaway, all your charms are lovely so to choose 5 was difficult, my selection would be
    Angel Fish
    Bird with Cage
    Diamante Crown
    Fairy Door
    Owl Pendant
    Thank you for the chance to win........... I will mention on my blog but I have never linked before so will try and hope it works. Sue

  21. Oh a difficult choice. I would choose
    silver clockface
    silver dragonfly
    silver fan
    silver bee
    silver butterfly
    Thanks for chance of winning

  22. These are beautiful! I would choose:
    daisy-may with bunch of flowers
    baby dummy
    artist palette
    coat hanger
    Great giveaway - thanks for this opportunity!

  23. How on earth could we ever stick to picking five? I have tears in my eyes as some of those charms had such meaning in my life. Trowel, small Dragonfly, hammer, sewing machine, and the Christmas bells would be my first five to pick. They are all so beautiful and I am very pleased to have found this site. Blessings,

  24. They are all gorgeous but I would choose 'man' charms like the camper van, camera, baseball cap, cowboy hat and boot. It is so hard embellishing 'man' cards but these would help. But i do love the baby ones too, all so yummy. xxx

  25. Thanks for the chance!

    Andrea :-)

  26. What a beautyfull candy, love all those gorgeous charms.
    Thanks for the chance!
    Hugs Joukje

  27. oh my gosh!!!! how divine!!! Right here is my picks. 1) I would defo have to have the crown! as A Geordie English girl living in Australia I need to keep the British stuff going even after we lost the Ashes. 2)The Button- its just too cute plue would go well with my G45 gents papers 3) The teapot- i LOVE tea and my hubby is a Yorkshire man so its Yorkshire gold in this house! 4) The fairy door- just as cute as can be! finally 5) its the snail as would work well with my Magnolia snail stamp. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win these but also for stocking such awesome charms! Love Davinia x